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If you’re not already on Spotify, there are a few things you need to know. Among them is how to use the new Apple Watch feature, the Home feeds, and the Spotify Artists program. These tips will help you get the most out of your music listening experience.

Get Ready With Music

Spotify has launched Get Ready With Music, a new feature that generates custom playlists for your outfit, activity, and occasion. It is inspired by TikTok’s Get Ready With Me trend.

This new Spotify feature allows you to create your own personalized playlists by answering a series of questions. After you answer the questions, you’ll get a personalized playlist that’s sure to be a hit. The best part is, it’s all completely free.

To get started, you’ll need to grant Spotify access to your account data. You’ll also have to enable the service to access your listening history. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a series of questions that ask you about your vibe. These answers are used to create your Get Ready With Music playlist.

Spotify has teamed up with two sisters from TikTok, Dixie and Charli D’Amelio. They wore eye-catching outfits for the “GetReadyWithMusic” promotions, incorporating color and texture into their looks.

The Spotify team has also shown that the hashtag, GRWM, isn’t just a trend for those who love to look good. They’ve used the hashtag to promote the GetReadyWithMusic In-App experience, which enlists social media influencers.

The GetReadyWithMusic feature is available on desktop and mobile. The app features a new banner. Also, there is a Thrift Store, where you can find pieces based on the GetReadyWithMusic experience. During the Thrift Store’s run, from Thursday, September 29 through Sunday, October 2, 11AM-8PM daily, you can shop for items that will complement your Get Ready With Music playlist.


Spotify’s new Blend feature is designed to help you and your friends discover new music. Not only is it an effective way to learn about your friends’ tastes, it can also help you keep up with the latest hits. Unlike other group-listening solutions, Blend doesn’t force users to listen to songs they may not enjoy.

Blend is a clever little app that helps you create a personalized playlist for a friend. It takes advantage of your and your friend’s musical tastes and builds a custom Spotify playlist based on the data you share. The playlist can be shared with your friends using the sharing feature or you can hide it from them if you don’t want to share.

Blend is one of the many features included in the new Made For You hub. Along with Spotify’s other innovative offerings, such as their new Discover Weekly recommendations, this is a great way to connect with your friends.

Specifically, the Blend feature combines two users’ music tastes and recommends songs based on their current listening habits. This is not a simple process, though, as the app’s algorithm makes use of data it has gathered during a user’s recent listening sessions.

Aside from creating a fun personalized playlist, Blend also enables users to purchase merchandise from artists. As a matter of fact, you can even set up a contest to ask fans to co-create a personalized playlist.

Home feeds

Spotify has launched a new Home feed, an addition to the app’s main recommendation page. This update is expected to bring a more personalized experience. It is based on user preferences and interactions with the app.

The updated Home page will now have separate feeds for Music and Podcasts. Users will have the option to play or save music to playlists, as well as share songs with other users. They will also have the ability to read episode descriptions. These changes are expected to be available on the iOS cellular app in the near future.

Spotify has been making improvements to the app over the past few weeks, and this update is no exception. In particular, Spotify has added dedicated play and shuffle buttons to its premium subscriptions. Now, you’ll be able to play music in a single click, instead of launching the app and finding another feature to play music.

Spotify has also announced a new Music feed. This feed will provide you with suggestions based on your listening habits, as well as recommendations from artists you follow. You’ll have buttons to like, share, and play the recommended music.

As part of the update, the Spotify home screen will also feature a Podcasts & Shows feed. The feed will include recommendations for episodes of shows you’re interested in, as well as episode descriptions and the ability to start listening without leaving the page.

Stations by Spotify

Stations by Spotify is an app that is free to use and allows you to listen to music based on your personal preferences. It uses your current listening history to create new playlists, based on your tastes. You can also add songs or artists to stations to listen to.

The app offers a simple and straightforward user interface, and is perfect for casual listeners. If you are looking for something to listen to while you are traveling, on the gym or even in the car, Stations is a great option.

Although Stations is a free app, it does seem to be supported by ads. However, you can still skip tracks, and if you are a paid subscriber, you get an ad-free experience.

Stations was launched in January 2018 in Australia. This app allows you to find stations based on genre, mood and location, and it even includes a Roadtrip channel.

According to Spotify, “Stations is a radical new experience.” They say that finding the right song can be difficult, but the new feature helps address this.

The Stations app is available for both iOS and Android users, and it is free. To download the app, you’ll need to sign into your account with Spotify.

When you open the Stations app for the first time, you’ll be prompted to select a station. Afterward, you’ll receive a notification with instructions to change stations. Once you have completed the process, the app will start playing music.

Artists in the Spotify Artists program

If you’re interested in promoting your music on Spotify, you’ll want to learn all about its Artists program. The program helps you get started on the platform, while providing you with tools and mentorship to succeed. You can create a profile, upload photos, post merchandise, and communicate with fans.

One of the best things about the Spotify Artists program is that you can learn about your audience, and how they like to listen to your songs. For example, you can read about what songs are currently being played, and find out where your listeners are coming from. Also, you’ll receive personalized master classes.

Throughout the six to eight week program, you’ll have access to one-on-one mentoring and guidance. In addition, you’ll also have the opportunity to work with producers and songwriters. This will help you develop and release original Spotify Singles.

As an artist, you’ll be able to create and share playlists, stream from your page, and collaborate with other artists and songwriters. Spotify’s help center is available to answer questions about using its tools.

The program is designed to support emerging artists. It’s an extension of the global artist development program that Spotify launched last year. Now, it is offering support to independent artists in the US. RADAR US supports up-and-coming talents by giving them editorial content and marketing assistance on the platform.

In addition to editorial, RADAR artists will also get slots on the platform’s programmed playlists. Moreover, they will receive out-of-home marketing support and Fans First experiences.

Apple Watch compatibility

With the introduction of the new Apple Watch app for Spotify, the company is bringing its streaming capabilities to the smartwatch. Previously, users had to download the mobile app in order to enjoy Spotify on the go.

In addition to standalone streaming, the Spotify for Apple Watch app also allows users to save music to the watch’s library. The app works by connecting to the Spotify iPhone app. It then shuffles and repeats tracks.

To make the most of the new app, Spotify recommends updating your watchOS to 6.0. This will allow you to sync music to your Apple Watch via Bluetooth. You will also need to ensure your iPhone is connected to a good network.

Since the app is compatible with iCloud, you can even link your Apple Watch to your iTunes library. If you have enough storage on your Apple Watch, you can store up to 2GB of music.

Spotify for Apple Watch will also give you the capability to download podcasts and playlists. However, if you aren’t a premium subscriber, you can’t do so.

In addition to the above mentioned features, the Apple Watch is also capable of streaming video, making it a full-featured streaming machine. When connected to your phone, you can browse songs, albums, and playlists and control playback from your wrist.

As of this writing, the new Spotify for Apple Watch app is available for free in the US. It is expected to be released globally in the coming week.

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