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The UltraTax CS login is required to access the application. In order to make changes to the software, you need admin rights. The software will also require your login credentials to install updates and fix bugs. In this article, we will cover some of the features of this application. You can also learn more about its pricing and how to get access to the latest updates.

Integrates with other CS Professional Suite applications

The CS Professional Suite is a cloud-based or on-premises accounting solution that can streamline business processes and increase profitability. It includes several modules for accounting, payroll, document management, online client services, advisory services, and more. Users can access the system via web or mobile devices, and there is phone and email support available.

The CS Professional Suite applications can be integrated with Microsoft Office applications, but only the 32-bit version. Microsoft Office desktop applications must be installed on the local computer. Third-party Office add-ins may interfere with CS Professional Suite applications. You should always run these add-ins in administrator mode to ensure the best compatibility.

The CS Professional Suite can be difficult to use if you aren’t a tax professional, and it is not particularly user-friendly. Some parts of the suite are better than others, however. For example, Thomson CS Professional Suite’s UltraTax is better than the rest and offers free support.

UltraTax CS also integrates with other applications in the CS Professional Suite. It works with Accounting CS, which is a complete accounting suite. It can process payroll tax forms and share data with UltraTax CS. It also offers a file cabinet to help with document storage and automatic synchronization with Microsoft Excel and Thomson Reuters applications.

Can be accessed from a server

If you use Windows, the UltraTax CS login can be accessed from a server. The server has to be configured as a client/server system. In this way, all the customer data, such as their full name, Social Security number, and bank account numbers, are transferred in clear text. The information is transferred using SMBv2 protocol. This makes it easy to sniff the network or conduct man-in-the-middle attacks on the system. The information transferred is the client ID, bank account numbers, and full name.

UltraTax CS offers a wide range of features. Moreover, it integrates with a variety of other CS applications. You can use it standalone or in conjunction with CS Payroll, Accounting CS, Fixed Assets CS, and NetClient CS. It can be installed on-premises, or delivered as a SaaS solution. However, UltraTax CS does not provide a mobile application. However, other applications from the CS Professional Suite can be accessed from your smartphone, including financial statements and client returns.

Can be used to automate repetitive tasks

UltraTax CS is a powerful system for payroll that streamlines processes and allows clients to process their own payroll. Its advanced digital monitoring allows you to manage workflow for individual clients or your entire practice. It also eliminates the need for manual data entry, which allows you to focus on the bigger picture of your clients’ needs.

The software allows you to create and manage your clients’ tax documents, and it can be used on a mobile device. The login is secure and requires a password, so you can be sure that no one will have access to your sensitive data. There are many features that can improve your workflow, such as auto-downloading updates, creating default user preferences, and hiding social security numbers. UltraTax CS also allows you to back up your data to a secure server, FileCabinet CS, which comes with the software.


If you’re looking to implement an automated payroll system in your business, UltraTax CS is the answer. It’s a powerful profit-building system that lets your clients process their own payroll and manage your workflow, both individually and across the entire practice. Its cloud-based service is secure, with automatic backups and advanced digital monitoring to ensure that your data is safe. This product is also compatible with third-party cloud services, making it a flexible and affordable choice.

UltraTax CS is a powerful and easy-to-use software designed for professional accountants, tax preparers, and firms. It combines advanced e-filing capabilities with powerful accounting features. It also includes instant preparation checklists, easy data sharing, and firm & workflow management solutions. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or run a full-service accounting firm, UltraTax CS is an easy solution for your business.

UltraTax CS is cloud-based, and offers two hosting options. The Virtual Office CS solution allows you to complete accounting tasks from home, and integrates with many other Microsoft applications. The SaaS Professional Suite allows you to pay for only the software that you use, making it affordable and easy to scale for your business.

UltraTax CS features a robust help center and excellent system diagnostics. You can access the Help and How-To Center from anywhere in the application. If you experience an issue, you can contact support through email, fax, and phone during business hours. The company also offers free onboarding for new users.

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