The Rise of Spotify Album Charts and the New York Times Best-Seller List

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The New York Times best-seller list and the Billboard album charts follow a similar trend. Both lists have been consistently dominated by a few bands: Radiohead, Muse and Pearl Jam. But, with the rise of streaming music services like Spotify, a new trend is emerging. And it may be something to get excited about.

Unholy by Sam Smith and Kim Petras

“Unholy” is a new collaboration by Sam Smith and Kim Petras. The track was released by Capitol Records on September 22. It’s the first single from their upcoming album, Gloria. Their song was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category.

Unholy has garnered over 180 million streams on Spotify. It has also reached platinum status. This is the third collaboration by the two artists to reach this mark. They are currently the only two pop duos to achieve this milestone.

The song has also received two Guinness World Records. One is for the most consecutive weeks in the U.K. and the other is for the first James Bond theme to reach No.1 in the UK.

It’s no surprise that the lyric video features sexy dancing and Floria Sigismondi as well as Petras. The lyric video, which is a teaser for the release of the track, has amassed over 26 million views.

In the first day of release, the track achieved 17.4 million plays on Spotify. During the same day, the song charted in the top 10 of the Global Spotify Daily Top 200. As a result, Unholy has remained in the top spot on the Global Spotify chart for 24 days.

The track is expected to dominate next week’s Hot 100 chart. Several fans have expressed their excitement over this collaboration. After the release of the single, a new sound emerged on TikTok, which helped the track become a social media trend.

The video also helped establish the track’s commercial success. After the track became a worldwide hit, it was announced that Smith will tour two shows at the Royal Albert Hall in London. He is set to headline two shows in 2023.

The song is available to download and stream on Spotify. You can also purchase the single on iTunes. The single has reached Platinum status in the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Germany, France, and Italy.

Throughout his career, Smith has sold over 45 million albums and singles. His album In the Lonely Hour debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and the Billboard Top 10 Album Charts.
Cruel Santino’s new album ‘Subaru Boys: Final Heaven’

Cruel Santino’s new album ‘Subaru Boys: FINAL HEAVEN’ is set to drop on March 4th. The artist is known for his superlative genre-bending work and has worked with a host of other artists. This newest work is a conceptual sound piece. Its twenty-one tracks cover a wide array of musical styles and sonic directions.

Subaru Boys: FINAL HEAVEN is a departure from Santino’s previous projects. In his previous works, he embraced a sound that leaned on an eclectic blend of melodic and rhythmic elements. He also collaborated with Jamaican star Koffee and American singer Gus Dapperton.

Cruel Santino’s latest release, Subaru Boys: FINAL HEAVEN, is an attempt to resuscitate the era of Alternate music in Nigeria. This album has garnered a lot of attention and heated conversations online. However, the album is not one of his best.

While the concept of the music is intriguing, the songs themselves do not really explain the plot. Moreover, the lyrics are too scattered to give a clear picture. As a result, the album feels less cohesive.

However, the album is still worth a listen. A few songs have impressive cuts and production. One of these is the instrumental interlude, which carries the listener through a deeper experience. There is also a song titled “FINAL CHAMPION” with a chorus.

Ultimately, this is another dive into a world of love. And the album’s soundtrack is a compelling mix of avant-garde sonics and picture-esque storytelling.

Despite the fact that the music may feel more depressing the more you listen to it, it has many moments of brilliance. The music has a good mix of melodies, which are complemented by a variety of different types of vocalization. All of the lyrics are a little scattered, but the overall sound is coherent.

The songs are a mix of afrobeats bassline and pop melodies. There are also several songs accompanied by synthesized voices. Many songs feature references to mental battles and perpetual wonder.

The album is a testament to Santino’s artistic skill, as well as his ability to take diverse musical influences and incorporate them into his own unique sound. If you are a fan of alternative music, this album will certainly satisfy.

The New York Times best-seller list follows a trend similar to the top 10 of the Billboard album chart

The New York Times is a venn diagram of arts and crafts, esoterics and dandelion puffs, but the magnification of their offerings is not limited to a single publication. From time immemorial, the newspaper has espoused a no holds barred attitude to a highly diverse readership. With a storied literary history dating back to the early 1850s, the paper has a vested interest in the human experience. A large part of the paper’s success can be attributed to its illustrious publishing history. One of the most laudable is its literary acquisitions department. Unlike the likes, the paper has a healthy roster of talented editors. Some of these include the aforementioned scribe.

In short, the paper is a hive of creative energy, albeit a somewhat nihilistic one. Its heyday in the early part of this century is largely over, but there are still some rogues among the kin – albeit on a smaller scale. This is especially true in its new york city incarnation. Whether or not it will retain this luster is a moot point. Regardless, the aforementioned aficionado is a worthy addition to the aforementioned institution. Hence, the title of this post. We’ll be sure to follow up with more nuggets of nuggets, as soon as they come our way.

Dismember’s albums aren’t available on Spotify

Dismember is a Swedish death metal band that is considered to be one of the “Big 4” of the genre. Their latest album is Death, Madness, Horror, Decay and they’ve been described as a blend of classic Swe-death sounds. It’s also accompanied by a 36-page self-drawn graphic novel. But, as far as Spotify goes, the band hasn’t put any of their albums on the service yet.

This is unfortunate for fans of the band. If you want to hear the album, you have to go to their website. Luckily, if you already have a Spotify account, you can stream two songs from their 1991 debut. They’re also included on the Swedish Death Metal compilation album, so there are plenty of options to get your fix.

Of course, this isn’t the only band that’s missing from Spotify. Some obscure ’90s and ’00s rock bands haven’t made it onto the streaming platform. For example, The Blameshares, an acoustic rock band, hasn’t put any of their albums up on Spotify yet. Similarly, the Americana-influenced Florida rock band Legends of Rodeo doesn’t have a presence on the service. However, you can find them on iTunes.

Streaming services pay to rent content. So, they have to make sure the artist is okay with it. And there are ethical reasons for removing an artist’s catalog from the platform. Sometimes, it’s for a temporary reason. Other times, it’s because the license agreement ends and the content disappears.

Hopefully, the new year will bring some much-needed change to Spotify. While the platform hasn’t solved every problem, it has opened up the ultimate library of popular music. As long as the artists continue to work with Spotify, it’s likely we’ll see many more major artists add their discography to the service. Until then, you can check out the top 1000 most-streamed artists, which includes different statistics, such as how many streams they’ve had in the past year. Plus, you can stream the top 1000 songs that have been played most often.

It’s definitely a tough road for artists to navigate when it comes to streaming. But the digital revolution has made it possible for some of the obscurities of the metal scene to get onto the streaming platform.

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