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Spotify car play is an innovative way to enjoy your favorite music in the comfort of your car. You’ll love how easy it is to access and control your playlists, as well as how simple it is to change the volume and skip tracks. Plus, if you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you’ll have access to more features, like voice control, preset buttons, and home screen shortcuts.

Preset buttons

A new update for the Spotify Car Thing brings a number of improvements. The updated software allows users to play non-Spotify media, see incoming calls, and add items to their play queue. Plus, Spotify is adding a night mode to the touchscreen display. You can even change the preset buttons to skip to your favorite podcasts.

Like Apple CarPlay, Spotify’s Car Thing is a touchscreen dashboard for playing music in the car. It connects to a phone via Bluetooth or USB. There are four microphones at the top and a large dial on the front.

Car Thing also offers voice control. Users can say things like “Hey Spotify,” which will take them to the Spotify app. They can then tap the screen to get to a specific playlist or artist. Or they can ask the voice assistant to save songs to a preset. During a call, the device will resume listening to the audio when the call ends.

In addition, users can save podcasts, playlists, and collections to the device. After they’ve saved these, the car player will automatically play the most recent episode.

While Spotify’s Car Mode is available on iOS, it’s still in its testing stage. The company has said that it’s working to expand the device’s availability. However, it hasn’t commented on whether this includes other streaming music services. If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you can sign up for an invite-only period to try the device.

As of now, the Car Thing is only available in the U.S., but the company says it’s still working on expanding its global reach. Eventually, they plan to bring new features to Android devices.

Spotify is testing a new, simplified automotive interface called Car Mode. The company hasn’t revealed exactly how the user experience will be improved, but it has reportedly included voice commands. Those commands will allow you to search for music, podcasts, and more.

Car Mode also comes with simple controls, including like and skip shuffle buttons. Additionally, the device will include a microphone button.

Voice control

There are many ways to listen to your favorite music on Spotify while driving. One way is by using voice controls. This is especially important in today’s era of autonomous vehicles. Studies have shown that voice control can increase the likelihood of distraction. However, some voice commands are not always easy to use while driving.

Spotify’s new Car Mode, introduced last month, is an example of how the company is tackling this challenge. The mode, available in iOS and Android versions, is designed to make Spotify easier to use while in the car. It offers simple controls and the ability to search for music. In addition, it allows users to access podcasts and recent played tracks.

Among the Car Mode’s most notable features is the voice control. Users can ask Siri or Android Audio for specific actions, like play/pause or skip shuffle. These functions are faster and more convenient than interacting with the infotainment screen. You can also ask for personalized playlists or activity.

Other notable functions include the ability to add tracks to the queue and answer incoming phone calls. To do these things, you must first pair your iPhone with your car’s USB port. If you don’t want to do these, you can turn off the voice features in the settings.

In order to use the Car Mode, you’ll need to sign up for a Spotify account. After you’ve done so, you’ll be prompted to try the Car Mode out. Just be sure you give the service permission to record audio, which is necessary to activate the features.

While the Car Mode isn’t the first time Spotify has included voice controls, the new version does include some useful features. For example, you can ask the Car Mode for help when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Another example is a floating action button that appears when you’re connected to your car’s audio system through Bluetooth.

Compared to the old Car View feature, the new version is more focused on voice controls. And while it’s not fully rolled out yet, it’s a definite step in the right direction.

Home screen shortcuts to your favorite playlists

If you’re a Spotify fan, you may want to create home screen shortcuts to your favorite playlists. Using this app, you can save the most important content in your library, and access it without launching the actual app. However, it’s important to note that widgets can only show you the names of the songs.

This is a good reason to consider the Apple Shortcuts app, which can automate playback of your favorite playlists, even when you’re not near your iPhone. You can even add a photo as a background, or rename the shortcuts to suit your tastes.

You can also create your own playlists, and share them with your friends. With Spotify, you can share your favorites via email, text, or Facebook. Moreover, you can also use your mobile device as a remote control for your music collection.

To set up a shortcut, you’ll first need to select your playlist. In the menu, you’ll see an icon for a playlist. Simply tap that, and you’ll be presented with the following options. Depending on your particular device, you can choose a custom name or select a random one from the list.

The next step is to add a Play Music action to your shortcut. A playback action will run whenever a specific time condition is met. For example, if you start moving, the app will detect your tempo and tune in to your preferred audio source.

Another trick is to select a playlist and then use the play/pause button to skip back and forth. This will save you from having to start and stop the playlist manually each time.

You can also save podcasts. This is particularly useful if you listen to a lot of podcasts. As long as you have a URL for the podcast, you can easily copy and paste it into your clipboard and play it in your favorite app. Similarly, you can share a song by right-clicking the song and selecting “Copy Link” or “Share.”

There are other ways to create and save content, though the most important and useful feature is the widget.

Competition with other infotainment devices

Spotify Car Thing is a new hardware device that lets drivers control their music in their car without needing to fiddle with their phone. It’s a 4.8-inch-wide Bluetooth remote that’s designed to be a hands-free, one-stop-shop for Spotify. In addition to playing music and podcasts, the device can also answer phone calls and respond to text messages.

While Spotify Car Thing isn’t quite as advanced as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, it has some features that make it an attractive option. For example, it supports voice commands, allowing you to play, pause, and search music from your phone using your voice. You can also browse playlists, podcasts, and albums, and find similar songs.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a car or just add an extra feature to your existing vehicle, the Spotify Car Thing is an affordable way to upgrade your audio. The device is available for $80. If you already own an Apple iPhone, you can also download an update, which adds the ability to answer phone calls from the display.

Spotify Car Mode lets users search for music, access their podcasts, and skip shuffle. Its interface is easy to use, and it allows you to see recent playlists and track information. Lastly, the Car Mode has simple controls that can be operated by voice.

However, there are a few things that could keep people from buying the device. First, it’s not compatible with Android Auto. Second, it doesn’t offer as many voice command options as Car Thing. Plus, the company’s website doesn’t say how long it will take for Android users to receive these features.

Finally, the physical controls on the device aren’t as intuitive as the touch screen of an Apple iPhone or Android smartphone. This isn’t much of an advantage for smaller screens, though.

But, if you’re an older car owner with a non-touchscreen infotainment system, the Car Thing is a worthwhile investment. There are also third-party systems available, such as BOSS and Pioneer. They’re usually expensive, but they do offer more features than the basic Car Mode.

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