Red Dead Redemption 2 Fishing Guide

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In Red Dead Redemption, you can use a fishing rod and lure to catch fish. Using lures requires more active fishing on your part. To use lures, hold the rod down while holding L1 and rotate the right stick to lure a fish. Once you’ve caught a fish, use the R2 button to reel it in.


In Red Dead Redemption 2, fishing is an important part of the game, and you can use bait to catch fish. The game gives you a wide variety of bait to choose from. You can buy bait from a merchant, or craft it yourself using ingredients you can find around the world. You can also use a lure to attract a particular species of fish, depending on the area where you are fishing.

The most effective bait for attracting animals is placed near where the animals are more likely to congregate. For example, if you’re looking for foxes, you should place a bait near an area where the animals are likely to be exclusive. You can also use dead eye to help you locate foxes from a distance.

When using lures, however, you’ll need to be more active when fishing. In addition to equipping the lure with L1, you’ll need to hold the rod down while you cast it. Once the fish take your lure, use the right stick to turn the lure around and then press the R2 button to reel it in.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a wide variety of fish species and different fishing lures for each. You can use the same bait multiple times and catch different species. These fishing lures aren’t expensive and can be purchased at a general store or in a fishing store. There is a good chance that you’ll find a lure that fits your fishing style.


When fishing in Red Dead Redemption, there are several ways to lure fish. The first option is to equip a lure by holding the L1 button on the controller. Then, hold the right stick to rotate it to attract the fish. Finally, use the R2 button to reel the fish in.

You can also use a fishing pole to lure fish. In this method, you must cast the lure over the fish and reel it in slowly until a fish bites. When fishing, you may have to repeat this technique several times, until you get the angle and bait right. In the latter case, you can also flick your lure.

A special lure is useful when you are attempting to catch a large fish. However, these special lures can only be obtained after you have mastered the legendary fishing map. If you don’t want to buy a lure, you can use corn, cheese, or bread. All these ingredients can be purchased at general stores.

Fishing is a fun and relaxing activity, but you will need to spend some time to master it. In Red Dead Redemption 2, fishing is not difficult, but it does require patience. The first step is equipping a fishing pole. This can be done by holding L1/LB on the controller. Once you have this, you can fish by moving closer to the water.

When fishing in Red Dead Redemption, you can also fish for legendary fish. These fish will appear on your map as an icon with a crown. Once you have the right lure, you can catch them and send them to Gill for a reward. Just be sure to use the right bait at the right locations.

Legendary fish

In Red Dead Redemption 2, players will have the opportunity to find and fish for Legendary Fish. These are rare creatures that can only be caught by fishing with a special lure. These fish are scattered across lakes and waterways in the game. Each species of fish has its own legendary specimen. To get them, players will need to find and catch them in particular areas.

Once the player has caught one of the Legendary Fishes, he will receive an invitation to meet with Jeremy Gill. Gill will then give Arthur a map to the different Legendary Fish locations. The fish will be more active when the weather is overcast. Once Arthur catches one, he will receive a prize – Gill’s hat.

In Red Dead Redemption, players can catch 14 different Legendary Fish. Each fish will require a different bait and lure. For example, the legendary bluegill at Flat Iron Lake requires a Special Lake Lure. This fish can be elusive, so it is best to learn the fishing techniques before you attempt to catch them.

Fishing is a new mechanic in Red Dead Redemption 2. Fishing can be used for money, quests, or sports. Cooking your catch will restore stamina and health. Eating it will also replenish Dead Eye cores, making it a fun way to spend time. There are 15 types of fish in Red Dead Redemption 2, including several Legendary varieties. Each of these fish has a quest to obtain them, which requires a trip across the country to find them.

Legendary Fish in Red Dead Redemption are very difficult to catch. Fishing for these fish will require a special bait and advanced reeling techniques. This quest will take you to several locations and will also require you to meet Jeremy Gill on a pier. He will then give you a map with the locations of the legendary fish, which you will need to collect.

Legendary fish can be caught by fishing with Special Lures, which will cost you $20 each. To catch them, you will need to find a fishing shop in a town near the lake where the fish can be found.

Getting a fishing rod

Getting a fishing rod in Red Dead Redemption is relatively simple. You can unlock the item during the main quest, “A Fisher of Men”. This mission will require you to teach Jack how to fish. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with a fishing rod and some live worms.

Unlike the single player game, Red Dead Redemption 2 does not include the fishing ability by default. However, if you have completed the game’s first 13 rank tiers, you will be rewarded with a fishing rod and Live Worms. Using a fishing rod requires you to have enough experience points.

You can get a fishing rod early in Red Dead Redemption 2. To do this, you will need to find an NPC who is fishing and hog tie them. After that, you can loot their fishing rod, and it will appear in your Weapon/Item wheel.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, fishing is one of the most popular ways to earn money. Traders will pay you well for the fresh fish you catch, and you can also use the materials from the fish for crafting. You can use these materials to make clothing or other useful items. Fishing lures are especially useful, as they can attract bigger fish.

Getting a fishing pole in Red Dead Redemption is fairly easy. The game features a handy guide that shows you how to use the item. It’s easy to equip and use, and Rockstar runs tutorials in the middle of missions to show you how to use it. You can also use bait like cheese or bread, which will help you catch various species of fish.

There are three types of water in Red Dead Redemption, and you can choose the type of bait you use based on what type of water you’re fishing in. For instance, you can fish for smaller fish with breadbait, and if you’re looking for medium-sized fish, worms and crayfish are good choices.

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