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QuickBooks 2014 premier features a new customer dashboard, and helps you easily view key reports with one click. It also offers a calendar view, which lets you keep track of important tasks, as well as a document center that allows you to attach files. The software also offers industry-specific report templates that make it easy to analyze your data. It also lets you set up Memorized Transactions and track sales taxes. In addition, you can print checks and manage expenses quickly and easily.

Contributed Reports

The Contributed reports feature in QuickBooks is a helpful feature for the user. It gives users a chance to browse through hundreds of report templates contributed by other users. Using these templates saves time and allows users to create their own custom reports. For example, users can easily edit the date and number of transactions to be reported on before running the reports.

This feature is especially useful for users who perform job costing. It also lets them sort payments by customer name, reference number, or the original amount. The new version of the program also adds an option for users to send a portable copy of their company file to an accountant for review.

This feature is not available in the previous versions of QuickBooks. Therefore, it is important to update your program if you’re running an older version. In this way, you can get the latest features. The software is designed to work on 64-bit processors, which maximizes performance and stability. It can run up to 38% faster, and it is able to support seamless third-party integrations. It also meets the operating system standards for modern computers.

In addition to these options, you can also customize the Job Status and Type. By modifying these options, you can analyze your business’ performance. By adding these fields, you can even customize the text that will appear in the Customer Center and Job Information. To make these fields more useful, you can also add Job Descriptions to remember what the job is about.

You can also use the Money Bar to see the totals of unbilled, paid, and billed transactions. It’s useful for reducing the time it takes to search for billable time. The Money Bar also helps you save time by automatically closing the application when you’ve invoiced a customer. In addition to all of these features, the Money Bar also has the option to save unsaved data.

Email in QuickBooks

You can create and manage your email address preferences in QuickBooks. If you’re using Microsoft Outlook, for instance, you can choose the email program to use as your default in Internet Explorer. Alternatively, you can go to Programs and select the correct email program. However, if you’re using another email program, you will need to seek professional assistance.

You can also send emails directly from QuickBooks. To do this, you first need to specify which email program you want to use. This can be either Web Mail or Outlook. Once you’ve selected the program, you’ll be asked to enter your password. Make sure you don’t use the same password for both your email account and your QuickBooks account.

Advanced Pricing is another option for advanced users. This feature allows you to set up complex pricing structures. Advanced Pricing is $399 for a year, but you’ll need a Full Service Plan to access it. For more information, check out Charlie Russel’s article on the new feature. The new version also lets you attach documents to transactions and list items. It also lets you print documents faster.

Email capabilities in QuickBooks have improved as well. In addition to the ability to send email, the program also lets you attach files to transactions and email receipts. The email feature is also compatible with Web-based email services, and you can set up multiple email templates. Emails can be sent directly from the transaction window.

QuickBooks is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Windows Mail, and Hotmail/Live. If you’re using a webmail account, you’ll need to set up a secure password. You’ll also need to verify your webmail settings with your ISP.

Batch Invoicing

In QuickBooks 2014 Premier, you can generate invoices by selecting Customers > Create Batch Invoices. Then, you can create or edit the required details and invoice templates. You can also create or edit Billing Groups. Billing Groups are lists of customers. Billing Groups can be searched and created, and you can also add line items, templates, and an email to the customer to personalize each invoice. If you want to create invoices manually, you can open the Accountant menu and click Batch Invoice. Then, you can select the type of transaction you want to batch enter into the system.

Batch Invoicing in QuickBooks 2014 premier has several advantages. The batch system allows you to process multiple invoices for the same service, while the “Paid Date Stamp” feature automatically stamps all invoices that have been paid. The program also has a banking feature, allowing you to track payments and check balances, and reconcile bank statements.

You can also use QuickBooks Desktop to batch-enter transactions. To do this, you can highlight the transaction information and right-click it. After that, copy the information from the spreadsheet into the company file. If the transaction information doesn’t match the information in your company file, it turns red. To fix this, you can change the columns so that ‘Class’ and ‘Date’ will be added to the transactions.

Besides being flexible with the invoice details, you can also modify the invoice text. You can choose a text for each line item, or you can add a memo. The invoice text is also editable in QuickBooks.

Invoice from Time & Expense

If you want to send your customers invoices, you can create an invoice directly from the Time & Expense tab. To create an invoice, simply click the Create Invoice button and then select the customer you want to send the invoice to. You will then see a screen that displays a Memo and the amount that you recorded when you paid the original vendor bill.

In addition to generating invoices, you can also batch invoice your customers. You can also create different Billing Groups to send invoices to multiple customers. Batch invoicing is very useful for sending invoices to different customers at once. It is possible to group your customers into different groups and choose the customers you want to bill.

Once you’ve created a customer’s invoice, you can attach it to the customer’s job or sales order. You can include an estimate for the cost of a certain service, or a fixed amount that you agreed to with your customer. You can then add a memo to the invoice.

The new version of QuickBooks provides more advanced reporting. You can access reports that are related to your business, including time and expense data. QuickBooks has a money bar that makes it easier to identify billable time that isn’t yet invoiced. The new tab also allows you to pin notes to a specific time & expense entry.

In addition to allowing multiple users to access your accounts, QuickBooks Premier offers more robust financial features. It can handle inventory that’s assembled from different components, generate purchase orders from sales orders, and produce budgets and forecasts. Enhanced invoicing for time and expense is also available. The program also supports reversing journal entries.

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