How to Play Baptiste in Overwatch

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If you’re not sure how to play Baptiste in Overwatch, you’re not alone. This character’s skill floor is high, so you’ll need to practice a lot to become an expert. With his unique kit, he can make or break team fights. Plus, he has multiple unique abilities, including the Biotic Launcher.

Regenerative Burst

Regenerative Burst is an ability that enables you to heal yourself and allies within a radius of 10 meters. This ability cannot be interrupted by hacks, stuns, or deaths. It lasts for five seconds and can be used to heal allies. Baptsite’s healing ability is an AOE effect, so it is best to use it to heal yourself and others first. Only use Regenerative Burst if you are in dire situations, and keep it to a minimum.

Regenerative Burst is one of Baptiste’s most important abilities. It works by doubling all damage and healing done by teammates. It lasts five seconds and is limited to allies nearby. You can use Regenerative Burst during a fight by using Alt-fire to heal teammates. Using this ability will double the healing your teammates receive when you’re at low health, which is great for teamfights.

Regenerative Burst is one of the most crucial abilities for Baptiste, as it allows the character to heal himself and the team. When used properly, it will heal a group for a long time, allowing it to be used more effectively. For the best effect, position yourself in the center of the map to maximize your group’s healing potential.

Regenerative Burst heals allies for 250 HP over five seconds. This ability is immune to hacks, stuns, and the effects of immortality fields. If placed correctly, it can render an entire team immune to death. You can also combine Regenerative Burst with Mercy, which helps your teammates.

Regenerative Burst isn’t the best healer in the game, but it’s an excellent way to heal your team, and to protect yourself from heavy damage. It can also be used as a defensive measure against enemies with heavy damage ultimates. Baptiste also has the Exo-Boots Passive, which enables him to jump extremely high and reach places other heroes can’t. Furthermore, his Immortality Field can be thrown quite far, and it follows the same trajectory as a healing grenade.

Biotic Launcher

In the latest Overwatch update, Blizzard has introduced a new hero in the game – Baptiste. This new hero is a hybrid attack-healer that wields a biotic rifle that launches healing grenades. He’s a great choice for team play as he can heal teammates and deal substantial damage to his enemies. Baptiste also has a couple of new gadgets to help him survive in the game.

The Biotic Launcher is a dual-purpose weapon that can heal several allies at once. The weapon can also shoot healing munitions. It will keep a charge for one second, until you crouch. This biotic launcher is a great way to heal your allies and stay alive while on the battlefield.

In addition to the two primary fire modes, Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher also has a secondary fire mode that can heal him and his allies. Each shot heals 70 or 50 HP, depending on the target. This mode only has one drawback – it doesn’t heal Baptiste himself. In contrast, Baptiste’s Regenerative Burst can heal him for 5 seconds.

The Biotic Launcher’s secondary fire ammo has increased from ten to thirteen rounds. It now heals for seventy-five percent of the target’s health, making it an effective healer. The Biotic Launcher’s grenades are also among the best healers in Overwatch. Baptiste’s Regenerative Burst can help him heal teammates who are below half health.

Exo Boots

The passive ability to charge Exo Boots in Baptiste allows you to jump higher, which can help you to ambush enemy snipers and take high ground. However, you should note that you can’t touch obstacles while wearing Exo Boots – you can only jump and crouch.

The primary fire of Baptiste is a powerful three-round burst gun that is a great choice for dueling, while the alt-fire is a healing projectile that lobs out from the user’s side. Depending on the situation, you can use both primary and alt fire. You can also use Exo Boots to bail out of sticky situations or to dodge enemy Ultimate abilities.

The Exo Boots are useful in situations where your team has lost health. They give your teammates a better healing effect, and they double their damage. They’re especially useful if you’re rushing in on an enemy while your team hasn’t recovered.

As a healer, Baptiste has several powerful abilities that allow him to heal his allies. He can also empower his allies through Regenerative Burst and Amplification Matrix. Exo Boots can also give you a higher position to survey an area or lay down fire, which is perfect for your team’s success.

Exo Boots are one of the most important traits of Baptiste and give him the edge in tight spaces. Using these abilities allows you to get to places that other heroes may not be able to reach. The Exo Boots also allow him to lay down fire on enemies and stay out of enemy fire.

Another powerful trait of Baptiste is his ultimate ability, which allows him to deploy a rectangular matrix in the air. During this time, any projectile that passes through the matrix will double in effect. You can check out all of Baptiste’s abilities in the Overwatch 2 guide. While his primary fire does decent damage, it’s also excellent for healing teammates. His alt-fire ability is another useful feature for quick bursts of health.

Immortality Field

Overwatch’s Immortality Field is a game-changing ability that lets you extend your life without dying by 25 seconds. While this effect is not available in all maps, playing as Baptiste allows you to reach the bottom grassy area of the Hanamura map. There is an exploit that allows you to instantly use Immortality Field, which can be a lifesaver on other maps as well.

The Immortality Field is one of the more complicated abilities in Overwatch, but there are strategies that can make this ability more effective. First of all, you should focus on supporting your team. If you have teammates that are grouped together, placing the Immortality Field around them will help your team stay alive.

Another great technique is to position an Immortality Field before a battle. This will ensure that all of your allies do not die until their HP is under 10 percent. This technique is extremely effective in support positions and has a short cooldown. However, it’s important to remember that Immortality Fields are not permanent. If you are not careful, you may find yourself in danger of losing all your team members.

Secondly, while the Immortality Field increases your health by 20%, it is not completely permanent. It can be destroyed or hacked by other players. Additionally, it doesn’t work beyond walls. It is only effective on your squadmates that are within your line of sight.

Third, Baptiste’s basic healing ability creates a small regenerative field that heals a decent amount of health at first, but gets smaller over time. It also grants you a speed boost for a short time. In addition to being an excellent healer, Baptiste’s other skills can be very helpful against a team with a high amount of health.

Amplification Matrix

The Amplification Matrix is an extremely versatile passive item that gives baptisme a huge amount of extra damage. Its effect lasts for 10 seconds. It increases the damage output of hitscan projectiles while at the same time healing the team. However, it doesn’t increase the damage output of melee attacks. The best use of the Amplification Matrix is early in a teamfight where the enemy team will be unable to retreat. This will give you the positioning advantage you need and give you more chances to use your ult.

The Amplification Matrix is also more effective when combined with other heroes. This includes DPS heroes such as Reinhardt and Moira. It can also be used by Baptiste to heal his allies. However, you need to remember that Baptiste doesn’t have any immortality. Consequently, he has a couple of big counters.

Using the Amplification Matrix can have many benefits, such as increasing your healing and damage output. It can also slow the enemy’s advance and prevent them from wiping out you. This is particularly useful when the enemy team is rushing at you. With a good aim, you can deal up to 150 damage without hitting anyone with a headshot.

The Amplification Matrix is an extremely useful tool for Baptiste. The Amplification Matrix increases the damage output of your Amplification and Regenerative Burst. It also boosts your damage output when used in conjunction with a biotic launcher. Using these two skills in conjunction with your teammates can provide you with a huge advantage in the game.

Sombra: Sombra is the second most irritating hero for Baptiste. With her burst damage from her Machine Pistol, she can sneak by the Amplification Matrix and pick up some kills.

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