How to Get to Tahiti, French Polynesia

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There are many ways to get to Tahiti, French Polynesia. The main mode of transportation is by air, which is operated by Air Tahiti. Alternatively, you can take a bus or taxi to get around the island. A cruise can be a great way to see more of the island.

Air Tahiti is the primary mode of transportation between islands

Air Tahiti is the primary airline of French Polynesia, operating scheduled flights to 45 islands that are home to about 90% of the population. The airline’s fleet consists primarily of ATR aircraft but also includes Twin Otters and Beechcrafts. Its network reaches many destinations, and is a significant contributor to regional development. It also operates flights between the Cook Islands and Rarotonga.

Air Tahiti began operations in 1950, when a small group of entrepreneurs bought a used Grumman J-4F Widgeon seaplane to fly between the islands. It soon expanded its route, and by the mid-1950s, the airline began operating flights to all of the Polynesian islands. Its first sea landing was in the Gambier Islands in June 1953, and its first flight to the Marquesas occurred in October.

Public transport is also available on the islands. Buses known as Le Truck operate on a clockwise and counterclockwise route, with central stations in Papeete and Moorea’s ferry port. Buses will be marked with the route number and their final destination. Buses will stop at designated bus stops, but can also travel to remote locations. The most convenient route in Tahiti connects the capital city of Papeete with the Faa’a International Airport.

Public transportation on Tahiti is relatively cheap and reliable, and is a convenient alternative to taxis. Rental cars and motorcycles are also available on the islands. If you are a frequent traveler, it is recommended to rent a car. If you want to experience the islands from different angles, you can also take a scenic tour on a Jeep, bus, Jet Ski, or even helicopter.

Public transportation is widely available on Tahiti

Public transportation is a popular and reliable mode of transportation on Tahiti. Generally cheap and open-sided, these buses follow set routes throughout the island. These vehicles can transport you from the airport to Papeete, and will also take you to various destinations throughout the island. Taking public transportation is an excellent way to explore the island and get a feel for the local way of life.

Taxis are also widely available and are an affordable way to get around the island. Tahiti’s public bus system is widespread and affordable, including large white coaches with open air seating. In addition to buses, taxis are also available at most hotels and ferry terminals. You can also take scenic tours of the island by boat, 4×4 safari, or helicopter.

Taxi Wind Tahiti offers quality services at affordable rates. Alternatively, you can hire a private vehicle and pay for it on an hourly basis. In case you want a more luxurious ride, you can book a limousine from Tahiti Limousine. The agency also offers pick-up and drop-off services from the airport, so you don’t have to worry about finding a taxi driver.

If you’d prefer to avoid the hassle of driving, public transportation is a great option on Tahiti. Local ferries connect the island to neighboring islands and provide a quick way to travel between the various islands. However, it’s important to plan your trips in advance. If you want to visit other islands, Air Tahiti offers connecting flights from its airport to most of them. If you’re interested in visiting Moorea, you can also book a passenger ferry to the island from downtown Papeete.

Tahiti has two seasons. The wet season occurs from November to April and is characterized by humidity and high temperatures. The dry season lasts from May to October and is marked by little or no rain and cooler temperatures. It is an ideal destination for vacationers who love water sports, including snorkeling and diving.

Catamarans are a great way to see multiple islands in one trip

Catamarans can be a fun and convenient way to visit multiple islands on one trip to Tahiti. A Catamaran sails between Tahiti and Moorea in 30 minutes. During the trip, you can get out and snorkel in the lagoons.

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon or just a family vacation, a Catamaran is a great way to visit Tahiti and see a variety of islands. You can spend the entire day cruising through the lagoons, snorkeling, diving, or walking along the coast. There’s also a chance to visit one of Tahiti’s many archaeological sites and enjoy delicious local cuisine.

Catamarans are also an affordable way to see multiple islands in one trip. You can charter a catamaran that can travel between multiple islands, with no need to worry about getting wet and uncomfortable. A catamaran can carry up to 15 passengers, so you can enjoy all of Tahiti’s beautiful beaches, beautiful landscape, and welcoming locals.

A Catamaran is another excellent way to see multiple islands in one trip to the French Polynesia. These boats can sail several times daily between Tahiti and Moorea. There are also cargo schooners that sail between Tahiti and the Society Islands three times a week. The Marquesas and Mangareva are reached once a month.

Cruises are a great way to see multiple islands in one trip

There are a number of ways to visit Tahiti and the surrounding islands in one trip. You can visit the Arahurahu Marae (ancient burial ground), which is still used by locals for traditional ceremonies. You can also visit the site of the 18th-century explorers Cook, Wallis, and Bligh, as well as the former residence of the American author James Norman Hall.

Cruises can also be a great way to visit Tahiti and other French Polynesia islands. Generally, these cruises last from seven to thirteen days and visit at least four islands. Prices vary, but you can expect to spend between $7,000 and $20,000 to see many different islands. Most cruises depart from Papee, the main island of Tahiti.

Another great option for island-hopping in the South Pacific is by plane. Although this option is more expensive than other methods, it will give you priceless aerial views of paradise. Many of the islands are connected by small airstrips. Many were built by the US Army during WWII, and they still serve the islanders today. You can also purchase air passes that cover multiple islands in one country.

Many cruise companies offer world cruises to Tahiti. Many of these cruises stop at Tahiti during their trips. Tahiti has a perfect climate year-round, but it is important to bring lightweight, breathable clothing and a good swimming suit.

When booking a cruise, look for an all-inclusive package that offers everything you need and more. These cruises are great for combining multiple islands in one trip. They also include all meals, onboard entertainment, and onboard activities. You can also purchase a package that includes your hotel and airfare.

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