How to Get Past 500 Light Cap in Destiny 2

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One of the most important questions players have when starting a new game is: “How do I get past the 500 light cap?” Well, this will depend on several factors. The first is the amount of rare items you can purchase. There are two different types of caps in the game: hard and soft. In a soft cap, you can buy legendary and rare items. Once you reach the hard cap, you won’t be able to buy any more of those items, and you’ll have to start grinding for the higher items.

Grinding Nightfalls

One common mistake players make when grinding Nightfalls is thinking that it’s impossible to grind lower than their current gear. It’s not impossible, just time-consuming. Fortunately, there are ways to make grinding Nightfalls as fast as possible. These methods include using Nightfall catch-up to farm items for lower than your current gear.

The first step in grinding Nightfalls is to determine your Power Level. This is a key part of the game since rare and legendary gear only drops when you reach a certain Power Level. While grinding lower levels is a great way to obtain more gear, you can’t get higher than 500 until you’re at a Power Level that exceeds 500.

Leveling up is important to progress in Destiny 2, since it’s the gatekeeper to the game. The first 500 power levels are relatively easy, but after that it gets difficult. Power levels are divided into two categories – hard caps and soft caps. After that, the game will require you to grind to get past the hard cap.

Once you’ve reached 500, the next step is to focus on the harder tasks in Dreaming City. There are two pieces of Tier 3 Powerful loot each week that drop from Petra. You should also do Ascendant Challenge Bounty and Weekly Dreaming City Bounty. This will help you move through the game as quickly as possible. Then, you can try the Last Wish Raid.

Earning Powerful Engrams

Earning powerful engrams is very important in the game, because you can use them to level up your characters. However, you need to do some strategy to do this. The following are some tips that will help you earn more powerful engrams.

Earning Prime Engrams: Prime Engrams are dropped by powerful enemies and from Crucible matches. It is also possible to farm for these engrams in various places, like the Chamber of Starlight and Lost Sector in The Strand. Prime Engrams are usually 5-6 levels higher than normal engrams, so they will increase your Light Level more quickly.

To get purple Legendary Engrams, you should complete the Weekly Challenges in Petra’s Dreaming City. The Ascendant Challenge is another great way to get purple Legendary Engrams. This quest gives you an item that unlocks new portals and platforms.

Power Levels are the biggest gate to progressing in Destiny 2 – you will only be able to advance by raising your Power Level. As of right now, getting past 500 Power Level isn’t too hard, but you have to work hard to push yourself beyond 500 light. There are two types of caps: the soft and hard ones. It’s best to try to reach 500 before you hit the hard cap.

Getting powerful gear will help you to power level up past 500 light. The best gear will be +5 or +8 levels higher than your current one. However, keep in mind that if you aren’t wearing the best gear, it won’t count as light. However, you should remember that the best gear doesn’t always have to be equipped to earn powerful engrams.


The first thing to remember is that Power Level is the gate between light and dark zones in Destiny 2. As such, increasing your Power Level is the first priority in the game. Up until 500 Power Level, the game is fairly easy, but after that, the game becomes much harder. During the Forsaken expansion, level caps have been reset, making it much harder to level up. There are two types of caps in the game: the soft cap and the hard cap.

The best way to get past 500 Power Level is to do daily and weekly challenges. The Daily and Weekly Challenges will give you the largest amount of Power Level increase, but you can also try Prime / Exotic drops to get past 500 Light. However, you should be aware that the list is very large, and you will have to complete the tasks in order to progress.

Gear cap

If you’re aiming to get past the 500 light cap in Destiny 2, you’ll want to focus on finding powerful gear. These items are available in a variety of activities, and they generally drop at 5-8 levels higher than your own. Moreover, you can obtain them from many different locations. While they are not as powerful as the gear you’re already equipped with, they’ll still count towards your total light level.

However, you’ll need to be patient and spend some time doing so. Depending on how high your Light level is, it will take you days or weeks to get the gear you need. As a result, it’s best to play the game regularly before trying to push your Light level. You can also try your hand at Surge Bounties to get more gear. Typically, you’ll be rewarded with two pieces of gear. In some cases, you’ll get better gear, and you’ll be able to get past the 500-level gear cap in Destiny 2.

Once you reach the 500-level gear cap, you can start focusing on getting legendary gear. While you’ll be able to get 500-level gear, you’ll be limited to legendary gear drops, so it’s essential to find other ways to get gear. Rinsing Lost Sectors is another option.

Max level cap

One thing you’ll notice about Destiny 2 is the level cap. The game’s base power level is 500, but it can be increased by buying additional DLC. The Forsaken expansion also has a new power level cap of 600. It will take you a lot of time to reach the cap, but once you do, you’ll have an edge over other players.

One of the best ways to increase your level in Destiny 2 is to collect and upgrade gear. While this is relatively easy to do up to the 500 Power Level, it gets more difficult once you reach the Forsaken expansion. There are two types of level caps in Destiny 2: the soft cap and the hard cap.

You can also level up faster as a Guardian. To do this, you must complete specific steps and consult the Director for information on your Guardian’s ability. In addition, you can collect powerful gear if you complete some of the game’s golden circle activities. This way, you’ll gain a lot of experience at a faster rate than normal.

While the power level cap is different in Destiny 2, the max light level cap hasn’t changed much. The game’s maximum level is based on the combined strength of your equipment. If you’re looking to boost your light level, you’ll want to invest in upgrading your gear. A massive point jump means a lot of grinding and gear upgrading.

Maximum light level

There are many ways to increase your Light Level in Destiny 2. One of the most common is by obtaining powerful sources. These are usually very easy to find, but some of them are more difficult than others. Pinnacles, for example, require a Fireteam to complete, but you can also find easy ones on Playlists. One of the easiest is the 100,000 in Nightfall. If you’re good at LFGs, you can usually find a group that can manage it.

The maximum power level cap in Destiny 2 is currently around 1,580. The last time it was increased was in Season 18, but the Season of Plunder increased the cap again. This means that you must level seasonal artifacts to reach the cap. Once you’ve reached this level, you can equip pinnacle gear.

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