How to Get More Pokemon Stardust in Pokemon Go

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There are a few ways to get more pokemon stardust. These include PVP, Research, Gifts from friends, and Hatching eggs. You may even get a boost if you capture a weather-boosted Pokemon. This way, you can increase your stardust by 50%.


If you are looking for ways to get more Stardust, there are a few different methods you can use to get a higher amount. First off, you can power up lucky Pokemon. Lucky Pokemon are extremely valuable, as you can often get two for the price of one. For example, a level one lucky Pokemon will cost less than a level 25 weather-boosted raid boss or level 30 wild find. Plus, lucky Pokemon have a higher chance of being worth powering up.

The second method is to take part in PVP matches. If you want to increase your chance of catching a Legendary, you should participate in PVP. Not only can you earn more Stardust in PVP games, but you can also level up your Pokemon at the same time. In addition to PVP, you can also use your Pokemon’s special abilities to gain CP and Candy.

Another way to get more Stardust is by feeding your Pokemon berries. This is a great way to get more Stardust quickly, but it requires a lot of berries. In busy cities, players often sit on a crop of berries and feed it to their Pokemon. Once you have a large amount of berries, you can repeat this method as often as you want.

If you have a competitive streak, you can also participate in PVP leagues to get more Stardust. The first battle you win will give you a good amount of Stardust. You can also earn extra Stardust by completing daily battles. The amount of Stardust you can earn in a single Battle League season depends on your PvP level.


To get more Stardust in Pokemon Go, you have to do different tasks and collect different rewards. For example, you can complete the Field Research Task and get a stamp. Doing this once a day will give you extra rewards like 2,000 Stardust. Another way to get more Stardust in Pokemon Go is to do Special Research Tasks. These tasks require you to collect certain Pokemon or power them up. However, you must be level five to complete them.

Research tasks in Pokemon Go are very varied. These include Field Research tasks, Timed Research tasks, and Special Research projects. Some of these tasks may give you Stardust, but not always. You can also earn extra Stardust by spinning the PokeStop. You can also collect special research tasks by leveling your League.

Besides catching Pokemon and doing other research tasks, you can also use special items. Special items are a great way to earn more Stardust. During certain events, Niantic will release special research, which will give you bonus Stardust. It is also a good idea to join a Battle League, as this will give you extra Stardust.

In addition to doing research, you can also use stardust to unlock Charge Moves. These are important in Pokemon Go, and can help you in the battlegrounds. You can use them to power up your Pokemon and get more CP. However, you must be level eight in Pokemon Go to use these tricks.

Gifts from friends

Sending gifts to friends is an excellent way to get more stardust in Pokemon GO. The only problem with this method is that you can only open a small percentage of the gifts on your list each day. Fortunately, there are special events that allow you to open up as many as you want each day.

Once you have reached a certain amount of stardust, you can try feeding berries to your Pokemon to earn more. Feeding berries can give you a significant amount of stardust in Pokemon GO. However, you should know that your Pokemon can only eat ten berries every thirty minutes. In addition, you can feed your Pokemon at gyms that belong to your team and this method will earn you more stardust.

Another way to get more stardust is to battle other players. Typically, this method will get you 300-600 Stardust per day. However, if you are level eight or higher, battling Team Go Rocket will earn you 500-800 Stardust. However, you should note that you can only get these rewards in the first three battles of a day. You can also earn more stardust by opening a gift. As long as you don’t open too many gifts, you should get enough stardust to keep your Pokemon happy.

In Pokemon GO, there are many different methods of gaining stardust. However, some of these methods are inefficient and tedious. Some of them include completing raids for stardust and feeding berries in gyms. While these methods are good for obtaining a decent amount of stardust, they can get expensive and time-consuming.

Hatching eggs

One of the most important tips to earn more Stardust in Pokemon Go is to hatch more eggs. This will increase your daily output. If you can manage to hatch 12 eggs at a time, this is an ideal way to obtain a large amount of the precious mineral. In addition, you will gain additional Stardust by catching Pokemon and fighting trainers.

When hatching an egg, you will be rewarded with Candy, XP, and Stardust. The amount of these resources depends on the type of egg you hatch. However, you can only hatch certain types of eggs. Regardless, Pokemon hatched from an egg will always have a higher candy than wild Pokemon. You can even use special Incubators in Pokémon GO to increase the amount of stardust you earn.

Besides hatching eggs, you can catch Pokemon with a weather bonus to earn more Stardust. The weather boost boosts your Pokemon’s chances to evolve. For example, if you catch a Weather Boosted Charizard, you will receive an extra 125 stardust. Similarly, if you hatch the first Pokemon of the day, you will earn 1800 Stardust. Furthermore, if you want to collect even more Stardust, you can purchase a Starpiece.

Another great way to earn more Stardust is by farming first-form Pokemon. These are easy to catch and are the fastest way to get more Stardust. If you can get a good number of first-form Pokemon, this method can provide you with plenty of Stardust. Also, you’ll get a bonus when hatching your first Pokemon – you can receive an extra 600 stardust if you can do this for at least a week.

Weather boosts

Weather boosts can increase your amount of Pokemon Stardust. Catching a Pokemon will grant you a base amount of 100 Stardust, and catching a Pokemon with a weather boost will grant you an additional 25 Stardust per catch. You can also catch a rare Pokemon like Cloyster or Audino, which will grant you as much as 1,200 Stardust. You can also get additional Stardust by hatching eggs.

Besides catching Pokemon that have a weather boost, you can also get additional Stardust by doing any of the following activities. Catching a Pokémon on a sunny day will give you an extra 25% Stardust, which is a great bonus. You can also catch Pokemon with a weather boost and collect star pieces, which will increase your Stardust by 50%.

Weather boosts work on all Pokemon, and they also increase their stats. This is great news for Pokemon that use specific attacks, as they will be doing extra damage. You can see how much your stats have been enhanced on your Pokemon’s summary page. Also, you will be able to catch extra hard-hitting opponents during Raid Battles.

The good news is that weather boosts will allow you to get more stardust and candy than ever before. You can use them to level up your Pokemon faster. Just make sure you follow the rules of the game. The more Stardust you have, the higher your levels will be.

Catching Pokemon

In Pokemon Go, you can get bonus stardust when catching new Pokemon. You can also get bonus stardust by catching weather-boosted Pokemon. You can also get star pieces, which increase the amount of stardust you get when catching a Pokemon. In addition, catching more evolved Pokemon gives you more Stardust.

There are many uses for Stardust, from strengthening your Pokemon to trading. You can also use this resource to unlock powerful moves like Charge Moves and more. Depending on the level of your Pokemon, you need a certain amount of Stardust to power up them. This can cost anywhere from 200 to 15,000 Stardust depending on the CP of the Pokemon.

One of the best ways to get more Stardust is to catch more rare Pokemon. In Pokemon GO, you can get more Stardust by catching the first Pokemon of each day. If you can do this for seven consecutive days, you will have a truckload of Stardust at your disposal. You should also make sure to battle Team Rocket. This group consists of a leader and grunts. These Pokemon can give you a lot of Stardust, so you should be careful not to underestimate them.

The other way to earn more Stardust is to join free raids in the game. You can do this by clicking the Poke Ball icon and then selecting battle. During a free raid, you can capture more Pokemon, which means more Stardust. The more Stardust you get, the stronger your Pokemon team will be. You can also invest your stardust into your favorite Pokemon. Investing in a Pokemon with high appraiser stats will increase your chances of catching more Pokemon.

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