How to Get Magearna in Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Magearna is a steel and fairy type Pokemon. Its appearance is similar to that of a karakuri puppet, but it has a soul-heart. It can be obtained by scanning a QR code in the game. You can also find Magearna by visiting an antique store in Hau’oli.

Magearna is a steel- and fairy-type Pokemon

Magearna is a Steel/Fairy type Pokemon that was created by a scientist 500 years ago. It has the ability to sense other Pokemon’s emotions. If it sees another Pokemon in pain, it will try to save it. It has a curved ear and a metallic pink/purple appearance. It is obtainable through a special QR code.

Magearna first appeared in Pokemon Sun & Moon, where it was purchased by Mohn from an antique store and he planned to give it to Lillie once it was fixed. Then, in the anime and manga series, it re-emerged in Dreams of the Sun & Moon and later in Pokemon The Series: Sun & Moon. Magearna also appeared as a silhouette in GOTCHA!, but was not active when Trevor met it.

Magearna’s dual Fairy/Steel type gives it incredible type resistance. This makes it immune to Poison and Dragon-type attacks. It also has a high base Special Attack stat. Although it is not very fast, the Soul-Heart ability allows it to raise its Special Attack by a stage when another Pokemon faints.

Magearna is a stealthy Pokemon. It has excellent defensive and offensive stats and a high Special Attack stat. In addition, its Soul-Heart ability increases Sp. Atk when its teammate faints. Despite its many flaws, it is one of the strongest and most versatile Fairy/Rock-type Pokemon in the game.

Magearna is a metallic bipedal Pokemon with a sphere-like head. The upper body is divided into two parts by a thick gray band. The upper body is covered with a thick gray band and a yellow diamond-shaped marking. It has a small nose and a tiny mouth. The eyes are light red with oval centers. The two halves of its upper body are held together with a hinge.

It is a karakuri puppet

If you’re interested in getting Magearna in Pokemon Sun and Moon, there is a simple way to get the elusive Pokemon. All you need is a QR code, which you can scan in the game using the QR Scanner feature. Once you have obtained the code, you can find Magearna in an antique store in Hau’oli City.

Magearna is an incredibly powerful Pokemon. Her attacks are unique, and she has an interesting ability known as Soul Heart. This ability boosts Special Attack whenever a Pokemon faints. Magearna also comes with a Silver Bottle Cap. This Pokemon has many similarities to nursemaids, but she’s unique in her own right.

Once you’ve collected enough QR codes, you can scan them to get the elusive Magearna. You’ll need to be a Champion to access the QR codes. You can find these codes on the Official Pokemon website. Once you’ve completed the first Grand Trial, you can then visit Hau’oli City to find Magearna.

Magearna is a Steel/Fairy type Pokemon. To obtain one, you must first be a Champion of the Alola region. Then, you’ll need to defeat the inaugural Elite Four in Alola. After that, you’ll need to get Magearna from the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau’oli City.

The giveaway for Magearna will begin on December 5th and will go on indefinitely. Originally, the giveaway was supposed to end in March, but it’s been extended. The QR code for North American systems is region locked, so it won’t work on European systems.

It has a silver bottle cap

When playing Pokemon Sun and Moon, it is important to know how to get Magearna. This mythical Pokemon can be found at a place called Hau’oli City. This is where you can find a QR Code that will unlock a door that allows you to acquire Magearna. After capturing it, you can then add it to your team and use her for battles.

Magearna is a mythical Pokemon that can read other Pokemon’s emotions. This means that it can see their pain and will do anything possible to help them. This makes her a must-have Pokemon for many players. However, in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you can only acquire Magearna one time per save game. Fortunately, it is a relatively easy process and will require little time.

First, you’ll need to defeat the Elite 4 by scanning the QR code. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to go to Hau’oli City. From here, you’ll find a store called Antiquities of the Ages that will give you Magearna. Magearna has a special Gold Bottle Cap that will help you boost your IV stat.

You’ll also need a QR code scanner to unlock Magearna. This can be obtained early in the game. Before you can get Magearna, you’ll need to defeat the Elite Four and become the Alola Region Champion. This will require a certain amount of skill in the game, but with a little patience and a little work, you’ll be able to unlock her in no time!

The upper body of Magearna resembles that of a Poke Ball. The upper part has a gray band, while the lower part is a big ball shaped sphere with golden wavy lines. Magearna has four legs, a tail, and two large ears. It also has a small mouth.

It has a soul-heart

Pokemon Sun and Moon have introduced the first Mythical Pokemon in a while, Magearna, a Fairy and Steel-type Pokemon. Magearna can’t be caught in the wild, so you need to get it by scanning a QR code or picking it up from a character.

Magearna is a powerful Pokemon, and has a great number of interesting attacks that can make it an excellent choice. It also comes with the Soul Heart ability, which boosts its Special Attack stat by one stage whenever another Pokemon faints. Magearna is also a powerful starter Pokemon, and comes with a Silver Bottle Cap.

In order to get Magearna in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you need to complete the main story and the Alola Region Champion mission. This means building a new Pokemon League in Alola and defeating the Alola Region’s first Elite Four. When you are done with these two missions, you can scan the QR code to get Magearna from the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau’oli City.

If you want to get Magearna in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the best way is to scan a QR code. The code is only available for a short period, so you should scan the code as soon as possible. This way, you’ll get the new Pokemon without spending a dime on new items.

Magearna is one of the event-exclusive Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. To get Magearna, you need to complete the main story. You can also obtain Magearna by scanning the QR code in Hau’oli City’s antique store. When you scan the QR code, the game will prompt you with the Magearna option.

Magearna is a Pokemon with a special ability in its chest. Its Soul-Heart means it can sense the emotions of other Pokemon and will try to save them. Magearna is also able to understand various human languages and wants to help Pokemon that are sick or injured.

Magearna is a shiny bipedal Pokemon. It has a metallic head, a round headdress, and a pair of rabbit ears. It also has a special Gold Bottle Cap that will boost the IV stat.

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