How to Find a Game Development Company

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When you’re looking for a game development company, you have many options. Several major companies have started their own studios. These companies include Ubisoft, Riseup Labs, and Maxis. While they are all well-known, some smaller startups may have more unique ideas and need a different kind of game development company. Here are a few tips to help you find the right one. Listed below are some of the most notable studios that have spawned some great games.

Xtreme Software

Founded nearly 35 years ago, Electronic Arts is one of the world’s largest game studios. With a diverse portfolio of games, it has managed to establish a strong presence in Playa Vista. Once known as Xtreme Software, the company has since rebranded itself as Electronic Arts. Most recently, the company has announced Spiderman for Playstation 4 as well as a full-length film based on Ratchet & Clank.

Xtreme Games LLC was founded by Andre’ LaMothe, a game programming author who was also an entrepreneur. The company branched out into untapped areas in the commercial arena and online distribution. Today, Xtreme Games is the world’s largest developer of value software, with more than 400 game studios spread across the world. The company develops games for IDG, eGames Inc., Activision, and dozens of other distributors.

Xtreme Software was founded by Tim Stamper and Chris Stamper in 1985. It later became a subsidiary of Activision and employed more than 200 people. The company has studios in Toronto and North America. Its stock is traded on the NASDAQ. However, Xtreme Software has had some issues in the past, with a number of its executives being forced out. For this reason, it’s a good idea to follow its latest development schedule.


Ubisoft is a French video game development company headquartered in Saint-Mand√©, France. It has development studios all over the world, and its franchises include the Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, For Honor, Rabbids, Rayman, and more. Besides these popular games, Ubisoft also produces games for children and has franchises for both boys and girls.

The company’s Montreal studio employs approximately 1,600 people worldwide and plans to increase its number to 3,000 by 2013. It is one of the largest creative powerhouses in the world, and is responsible for several hit PC and console games. Ubisoft is also behind many famous franchises, including Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. Despite these impressive numbers, the company still manages to keep the creative development of its games in-house.

One of the challenges that Ubisoft faces is the sharing of tools and maintaining productivity. However, the game development company has solved this problem by using Perforce Proxy to cache files that are used frequently. The software also enables more developers to work on the same code and digital assets, improving efficiency in distributed development. In addition, this new technology is designed to allow game developers to create bigger games, and to provide an overall better experience for the players.

Ubisoft’s vast range of games means that the company is likely to be a good fit for many gamers. Its diversified workforce of developers creates rich gaming experiences. Ubisoft is one of the most prolific game developers, releasing multiple games every year. Its vast portfolio offers something for everyone. Ubisoft’s games are known for their technical fidelity and their insane profits. While it has gained worldwide recognition, this fame has been at a price.

The stock price of Ubisoft has dropped significantly over the past several years. The company is currently in the process of auditing various aspects of its operations. Studio audits are not uncommon, and this could signal an acquisition sooner than later. Private equity firms such as KKR & Co. have been reportedly interested in purchasing the company. If that does happen, Ubisoft’s stock price may drop even further.

Riseup Labs

If you’re looking for a mobile app development company, look no further than Riseup Labs. Founded in 2009, this ISO-certified mobile app development company specializes in web, XR, and simulator technologies. As a prolific mobile game developer, Riseup Labs has a long list of impressive clients, including UNICEF Bangladesh, BBC Media Action, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, and the Information and Communication Technology Division of Bangladesh.

As a leading technology solutions firm, Riseup Labs focuses on web, mobile, VR, and simulator technologies. They use cutting-edge technologies to build innovative solutions that will make a lasting impression. Their goal is to create innovative and engaging mobile and web applications that will appeal to a wide audience. That’s why Riseup Labs offers a wide range of services, including game development and design.

With over a decade of experience in video game development, Riseup Labs’ developers have the expertise to meet any client’s requirements. Their team has extensive knowledge and expertise in AI, 3D graphics, and animation, and is proficient in both. They can also handle challenging projects, such as redefining the gaming genre. If you’re interested in hiring a team of video game developers, be sure to read on.

Another mobile game development company is Immersive & Mobility Solutions. Based in the United States, this team of professionals is responsible for developing immersive and mobility solutions for global customers. Its portfolio includes virtual and augmented reality games, workplace mobility solutions, and computer programming. The company provides the fastest turnaround time and has an exemplary quality-control record. They’re available to discuss any project at any time. The company has many satisfied clients.


Maxis is an American video game development company. A division of Electronic Arts, Maxis was founded by Jeff Braun and Will Wright in 1987 and was acquired by the latter in 1997. The company is best known for its simulation games, including The Sims, Spore, and SimCity. It also develops online multiplayer games, such as its SimCity franchise. However, it has developed more than 100 titles, including popular mobile games.

Maxis also has a website that encourages new members to join the studio, and the focus is on next-gen technology. The company uses two colors, purple and green, to represent the new division. This year’s leak from Nvidia revealed that the company would release multiple titles. Despite these setbacks, however, the company is continuing to grow and has several titles in development. Its recent history makes it an interesting case study.

SimCity is one of the company’s most popular titles, and it was a revolution in gaming. It was the first video game to not have a win-loss condition or an end goal. Players assumed the role of a mayor and built a city that they could call their own. The game series now spans six main titles and three spin-offs. However, it hasn’t always been a hit with consumers.

Another popular series developed by Maxis is The Sims. A spin-off of SimCity, The Sims has far exceeded its predecessor in popularity. Players can manage a community of “sims” through a realistic, isometric view of their lives. The Sims series has multiple expansion packs and spin-offs. However, it is important to note that Will Wright did not work on every game in the series.

Besides creating great games, Maxis also works on simulation games. These games are largely free to play and do not have a specific goal or objective. They are almost infinite in the number of possibilities. Maxis also has several patents for the use of data in games. They also provide detailed documentation of their methods of creating games. So, if you’re interested in gaming, you should consider applying to a Maxis job today.

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