How to Beat the Riddler in Arkham City

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Riddler trophies

The Riddler has many trophies throughout Arkham city, and finding all of them is essential for the Platinum trophy. Once you have the Platinum trophy, you will have a chance to play the game’s second ending. There are several locations where you can find the Riddler trophies, but they are separated into several islands, a studio, and grids. In order to help you find them all, Batman Arkham Videos has put together a series of videos to help you find them all.

The first Riddler Trophy is located under a crane in an abandoned building beneath Chinatown. You will need to access the area with the Gunrunner Most Wanted side quest. Once you are there, you can use a control panel to open an area where the trophy is. It will be difficult to miss!

Another Riddler trophy is designed to electrocute Batman. This trophy is made from polystone and weighs about eight pounds. It will also be available for pre-order at San Diego Comic-Con. The Riddler also reserved a few trophies for the villainous Catwoman. This pink trophy features working LED effects and a hand-finished, polystone exterior.

A Riddler trophy is located southeast of the 7th trophy location. It is on a building’s roof. The Riddler trophy can also be found in the Solomon Wayne Courthouse, a tall building on the east side of the game map. To get to this trophy, go to the northern rooftop, and then find 4 Riddler question signs.

There are many different ways to obtain the Riddler trophy in Arkham city. One way is to activate a switch on a rocky outcrop. Once you activate this switch, the Riddler Trophy will be revealed. You can then use the Batmobile or Explosive Gel to destroy the Riddler Trophy cage.

Another way to obtain this trophy is to find a pressure pad in the ventilation system. This pad will allow you to activate the Riddler mark in a locked trophy cage. You can also use a remote Batarang to pull or push the trophy.

Riddler trophies in Arkham Asylum

If you have already completed all the trophies in the Batman: Arkham Asylum trilogy, you can now move on to the next one: the Riddler trophy. This trophy is located inside a small closet in the Bowery area. Fortunately, the trophy is easy to find.

To get the trophy, you need to hack the Tyger Panel. This can be done by using a special power in the Arkham Asylum. It can only be obtained by using a special ability, which can be found by gaining momentum. The trophy can also be found inside the tram south of the Museum’s rear entrance. Alternatively, you can hack the Tyger Panel in the museum to find it. Once you’ve successfully completed this quest, you will be rewarded with the trophy.

The Riddler has 400 trophies in Arkham City. You can also earn them by performing a variety of side activities, such as chasing Zsasz’s phone calls. In addition, you can also earn Riddler trophies by rescuing innocents in the inmates’ prisons. You can also scan the trophies and come back later to collect them.

The Riddler also keeps Batman busy, so he must find hidden trophies to obtain them. In addition to stealing objects, he also leaves behind riddles and maps in the new games. The Riddler is a very tricky opponent, and his ability to steal things can be extremely frustrating. To beat him, you need to use special gadgets and upgrades that can help you complete the quest. Luckily, there’s a map that will help you track your progress. The map will even tell you how to mark trophies.

In addition to collecting trophies, you can also collect other pieces of art. The Riddler’s trophies in Arkham Asylum can be found in a number of locations. A few of them can be found near a statue of the villain in the city. There’s also a display with a hyena inside. In addition to these, you can also get rid of some of Riddler’s thugs by interrogating them.

Another trophy that can be acquired by defeating the Riddler is the Arkham Knight. This trophy can be found in the freight elevator area. If you’re a catwoman, you can use the bat claw to break a fan and climb to the top. However, falling is a big risk in this challenge, and failure will result in a complete restart. To complete the game’s challenges, you should also make use of the Batmobile’s ejection feature as often as possible. If you’re not confident, you should try backtracking to get momentum.

Riddler trophies in Gotham City

In Batman: Arkham Knight, Riddler Trophies are collectibles that give players more WayneTech points, which they can use to upgrade their equipment. Some of the Riddler Trophies require the player to find them, while others require the player to shoot switches, press buttons in the correct order, or complete minigames. Some require a time limit.

The first trophy is in the Park Row area, close to ACE Chemicals. It can be found by latching on to a gargoyle bearing the Riddler’s trademark question sign. After doing so, you can dive to the other side. For the second trophy, you can continue east and smash a glowing sign with the Batarang.

The next trophy can be found in the Gotham Herald Building. There, you must use the grappling hook to reach an upper ledge. This will activate a locked cage, which will give you the trophy coordinates. You can then use your Batarang to change the colour of the robots. Once you’ve successfully defeated the robots, you will receive a Riddler Trophy.

The third Riddler trophy can be found in a building in the northeast district. It is located in a small courtyard. To reach it, you’ll have to sneak up on a nearby Riddler robot. Once you take it, you’ll obtain a chip to control the Riddler’s robots.

There are five challenges in Gotham City. In the first one, you must take the Batmobile to a certain spot. There are nine keys in total, each one representing a different life, and you need to get them all by hitting the keys. The fifth challenge requires a lot of air control and gliding, and failing this challenge will cause a full restart. This is why it’s important to use the Batmobile’s ejection feature repeatedly. In addition, it’s worth it to take advantage of momentum.

The fourth trophy is located in the Steel Mill. You can find it by exploring the back entrance. A vent on the right side will open. Once you’ve reached this location, use the bat claw to reach the trophy cage.

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